I am now divorced, can I still retire when I am 60?

Fiona and her husband had been clients for some years when, in her mid-fifties, she went through an acrimonious divorce. Whilst it was indeed painful emotionally, it also had significant and unfortunate financial implications. Suddenly the future was uncertain.

Cashflow modelling for Fiona and her husband had shown that retirement for Fiona at age 60 would allow them to enjoy their desired lifestyle. However, was that still feasible now that she was divorced?

With just a few years to go to that important age, it was vital that Fiona understood her new financial position and could plan accordingly. Unfortunately, the revised cashflow showed that her desired lifestyle was unlikely to be achieved if she retired at age 60, post divorce. Either she needed to compromise on her chosen lifestyle or she would need to work longer.
Fortunately, the cashflow demonstrated that she could have that planned retirement lifestyle if she could work on to age 62. This she decided to do, and with that knowledge, she also subsequently negotiated her own redundancy to further enhance her financial resources.