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“Cashflow modelling gives you the opportunity to illustrate and communicate your plan and your value to your clients in another language. Not everyone understands the figures, but a picture can help the client see the impact of your advice and the life choices they are about to, want to or sometimes need to make.

Given the challenging and uncertain times we are living in, cashflow modelling ultimately presents a great opportunity to cut through the noise and show the true worth you bring to your clients.”

John Whitehead – Founder of Future-InSight

Aims & Objectives

My aim, from the outset, has been to bring the power of cashflow modelling to a much wider audience. The business of Wealth Planning is often a complex one and transparency and clarity have remained key requirements throughout. It can still, however, be difficult to ensure the client has a full appreciation of the strategy, plan or journey they are about to embark upon.

There is also the ever-present predilection of the press to highlight failings in the profession, sensationalise the actions of a minority of unprincipled individuals and berate the levels of fees for services rendered.

I believe that cashflow modelling reduces the risk of many of these issues; it is transparent, it does communicate and illustrate the plan effectively, it absolutely provides a tangible route-map and it certainly delivers on the need for fair value exchange.

Who we serve

It is argued long and often that cashflow modelling is not for everyone; my clients have enough wealth, they have sufficient income & expenditure, they have minimal aspirations, they do not want one and numerous other excuses.

My belief and, in fact, experience tells me otherwise and feedback from Planners, who have previously resisted the step-up that cashflow modelling brings to their delivery, tells me that the objections are often borne of a lack of understanding or previous bad experiences.

My team and I pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver a professional, collaborative and constructive service that we genuinely believe is also both relaxed and enjoyable.

I‘ve known John for many years and knew how well his mathematical brain was suited to constructing cashflow scenarios. What I didn’t immediately grasp was the power of a cashflow when presented to a client. Having worked together on several cases, I can say that not only has the whole process improved my new business take up AND retention, but it also provides massive comfort at times of stress – like now! Proper stress tested scenarios will show that longer term plans and ambitions needn’t be blown off course by short term happenings and provide a lot of reassurance to clients and advisers alike…

Kevin Wood – MA. Dip.PFS. MISM Wealth Planner

Benefits of Cashflow Modelling

In summary, the benefits of professional cashflow modelling for you, your team and importantly the clients are many:

  • Better engagement through effective illustration and communication in another language.
  • Defined route-map that can be revisited and realigned annually which supports delivery of fair value exchange.
  • Transparency of the strategy and the fees thereby securing client understanding and acknowledgment.
  • Enhanced referral quality and improved opportunity for inter-generational planning.
  • Client ownership of the plan is significantly improved and further strengthens the client relationship.
  • Clearly demonstrates the value a Planner brings to the client – the world without you versus the world with you.
  • The ability to test ideas before discussing them with clients – creating clarity of purpose.
  • It determines the appropriate investment return required to meet long-term lifestyle objectives e.g. retirement planning.

The list above is by no means exhaustive and I look forward to discussing the opportunity to help you and your team enhance your success and fully support you in delivering true financial planning through effective cashflow modelling.

Sometimes all it takes is a little time to discuss the options so if you want to know more, please get in touch.

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