What are your agreed Service Standards?

We currently operate a 5 working day service standard for delivering a fully complete and presentable cashflow model or planning models for use with your clients.

Requests received before 3:00pm will trigger “Day One” of the 5 working day standard. Requests received after 3:00pm will start the process from the next working day (weekends excluded).  It is critical that all client data is provided to ensure the cashflow modelling can be completed within the agreed timeline. If further information is required, the process will be paused until the additional information is made available, at which time the 5 working day standard is recommenced from the point at which it was paused.

Any case that is considered or highlighted as urgent will be reviewed based on the reasons why and may be re-prioritised in the triage queue to accommodate both you and your client.

How do I request cashflow models for my clients?

Initially, a short email detailing what you wish to illustrate to your client will start the process. The planning options available within the cashflow modelling software are extensive, so please let us know if you wish to discuss what illustrations or planning scenarios we can create for you that best suit your requirements.

If we receive access to the client data before 3:00pm, the 5 working day service standard will commence immediately.

What information do you need to build the cashflows?

The accuracy and therefore value of any cashflow modelling is contingent on the level of detail provided. Simply put, the more information you can provide the more appropriate and comprehensive the outputs will be. As a rule, we would require:

Fully complete Confidential Fact Find.

As detailed as possible income and expenditure – this is key as it represents their current and possible future spending patterns.

Outstanding liabilities including interest rates and remaining terms.

Current savings, investments and pensions details.

A summary of what your plan/plans for the client are or what scenarios you would like to test.

What happens when we reach Annual Review?

After each cashflow build, we create a diary entry for one calendar month before the date of the annual review of the original plans created. We will then send you a reminder so that you can decide whether you wish to revisit and update the original builds or whether a whole new set of scenarios is required.

Equally, if you find that you require a review meeting prior to the anniversary date and want an updated or new scenario to support this, then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

John and I have worked on many cashflows over the last few years and I highly recommend his services. He is able to, not only, build great cashflows but highlight areas/improvements that can maximise the value for my clients. Often he focuses on the before me/after me comparisons that genuinely show the value (in easy to understand illustrations) of my involvement and advice. John is very definitely my go to person for cashflows. He is also very good at keeping it simple, which is essential when transferring that skill across to the client.

Andrew Owen – Independent Financial Planner

I have never presented a cashflow before, what if I struggle?

The truth is that any new process or way of working can be a challenge and sometimes even daunting. Our aim is to minimise that as far as we possibly can for every plan we build. We will spend as much time as you need to explain both the data outputs and illustrations to ensure you are fully equipped to discuss them confidently with your clients.

If the client throws you a curve ball and asks you a question you don’t feel confident in answering – don’t panic – you can either park the question (I always find it useful to commend the client on a “damn good question” as it cements their ownership of the plan) and refer to us later or put in a quick call to one of the Team – if we are available, we will be more than happy to help.

There is also the option to use our “Client Presentation” service where we will join you (via Zoom) to help illustrate the plan – a little learning in a live situation.

What software do you use?

We presently use both Voyant and i4C as our primary modelling software solutions. We believe they provide both excellent functionality and high-quality live illustration options combined with some extremely useful report outputs.

The fact is there are many software packages available on the market and whilst we have extensive experience in many of them – IRESS, Truth and CashCalc for example, our preference is based on our own experiences and interactions with the software providers.

Do I need a licence for the software?

If you want to be able to present the cashflow models live with your clients then you will require the appropriate licence to be able to do this, something we would highly recommend as you gain more experience in the outputs. As previously mentioned, we currently use both Voyant and i4C and we are happy to discuss with you which would best suit your individual needs. We can also help direct you on how to get things started once you have decided on which you would prefer to use.

If your preference is to use a paper-based report, we are happy to provide these and discuss what level of detail and illustrations you would require. You do not need a licence to use these with your clients.

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