Where will I live, how will we survive and what will I do next?

A very personal moment for me as a cashflow expert, as this related to a very unexpected and divorce involving close personal friends.
Not long after moving into a new home, my friend called me to tell me that his wife had decided to leave both him and their young son. No fanfare, no other person just a desire for a different life.

After the initial emotion had subsided, he expressed to me that apart from his son, he was deeply worried about his financial situation. The house had required a relatively large mortgage and borrowing from family. It was to be immediately sold and he was distressed about where he would live and whether he would have to move out of the area and take his son away from all his friends.

I offered to build him a warts-and-all cashflow to examine his options. We looked at everything: income, debts, future needs, a car etc. We looked at renting versus buying and how feasible each option was. The results were surprisingly positive and the outcome, a few months down the line, was amazing. New house round the corner, settled son, new car and renewed confidence that resulted in a promotion and increased income.

His words after “what you did for me really helped me get my mind straight and showed me that I still had options”.
This rates as one of the most powerful and helpful cashflows I have ever built. John Whitehead